The cartoon is based on the stories of the ancient Indian epos.
On a beautiful planet Goloka somewhere in the far far away little cowboys graze countless herds of cows on the slopes of the Magic Govardhan Hill. Little Prince Gopal is among them. He and his merry friends are always looking for new adventures.
Once Gopal saw his dad, King Nanda, was preparing a huge celebration to honor divine King Indra, Lord of rain, thunder and lightning. The whole village was making variuos delicious treats.
Prince Gopal  wondered why people of the village were praising Indra so much. Wasn`t it his  universal responsibility to take care of the planet by sending rain?Gopal suggested to treat the Magic Govardhan Hill instead. It`s flourishing and prosperous slopes have been a perfect home for people and nourishing grassland for cows.
King Nanda and all village people agreed without hesitation.Not receiving his annual treats Indra got very angry and furious.He decieded to pay back to the village people and to Prince Gopal personally. He decided to avenge himself.
Who will help Gopal and his friends and stop ruthless Lord Indra?


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